Digital signing public-private partnership on 1 September 2020

25 November 2020


The aim of this public-private partnership is to work with local stakeholders to optimize the Argentinian chain of pig farming with knowledge, skills and technology so that it can respond to the national and international demand for high-quality, socially responsible and environmentally friendly pig products. 

GITAH Porcino

The partners work together in the name of ‘Grupo de Intercambio Tecnológico Argentino Holandés’: GITAH Porcino. The cluster consists of companies covering the entire pig chain and was formed after company and trade fair visits in Argentina, including during the trade missions in 2018 and 2019.

Optimize the entire sector

The cluster's innovative production and processing concepts will be deployed to help the entire sector in Argentina optimize sustainability and energy savings. This concerns breeding, nutrition, propagation, fattening, slaughter and processing of the meat and residual flows. Farm management and management in the supply chain and logistics are also involved in the approach. The programme will run until the end of 2023.

Digital signing



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