Newsletter 3 of Gitah Porcino

25 April 2023


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Gitah Porcino road tour in Argentina

During the week of Sunday April 23 until Saturday April 29 a Dutch delegation consisting of members of the GITAH Cluster ( will realize a Road Tour in Argentina to continue working together with references of the Argentine Pig sector on the optimization of the Argentinian pig production and processing chain. GITAH Porcino is a Dutch public-private initiative that aims to collaborate with their local counterparts for a high-quality, efficient and sustainable pig sector in Argentina.
The Road Tour program consists of practical visits by the GITAH Porcino delegation to pig production companies, slaughterhouses and feed factories in the mornings and interaction with stakeholders from the regions involved in the afternoon.
GITAH Porcino will exchange knowledge and information with both Argentine pig farmers and processors in the different regions and with regional entities such as amongst others GTPC (Tandil), the Argentine Pig Federation and CEPBA (Buenos Aires), Apporsafe (Santa Fe) and Capper (Entre Rios), Cappcor, Grupo Porcino Centro and Pormag (Cordoba) regarding sustainable production and processing in order to respond to the demands of the modern (inter)national consumer.
Present during the field trip will be representatives of the group of NMTP (Management Training Program) students that visited the Netherlands in September 2022, as well as the K2K (Train-the-Trainer) trainees that received training at the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences (University of Buenos Aires) to share their experiences.

GITAH Porcino Road Tour
24 of April 2023 - Tandil
25 of April 2023 - Buenos Aires
26 of April 2023 - Santa Fe and Entre Rios
27 of April 2023 - Buenos Aires
28 of April 2023 - Cordoba
For more information, please get in touch with Pepijn Verhey – Liaison of the GITAH Porcino Cluster.


If you have any questions, please contact the liaison