The first official stakeholder meeting at the embassy of Buenos Aires.

20 December 2021


Stakeholders meeting 13 december 2021


The first official meeting of representatives of the pork chain at the Buenos Aires embassy.

Argentina is one of the main pig producing countries in Latin America that has developed considerably during the last two decades.

The stakeholders involved in GITAH Porcino want to contribute to the "Optimization of the Argentine swine chain" through the exchange of knowledge, technology and know-how.

GITAH partners cover the entire pork value chain, from feed, genetic material, insemination technology, antibiotic-free aids, soil systems, manure processing and biogas production, climate control, farm management systems, to slaughter and meat processing solutions.

Working together, we can accelerate the transition to a more sustainable and profitable pork chain. So let's exchange information, knowledge and technology and inspire each other and the rest of the world, how together we can cultivate the future!

We hope to meet more often in the near future!


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