Webinar session 3: Optimizing Farrowing management

15 March 2022




Another great webinar completed!

‘Optimizing Farrowing management’ was the topic of this awesome webinar.

Experts from Hotraco, Nooyen, Schippers and Nedap discussed the following topics:

-           How to use data to improve farrowing results (Agrovision)

-           The influence of housing on farrowing results

                        -           Construction/climate of the building (Hotraco)

                        -           Construction of the farrowing crate to optimize results (Nooyen)

-           The influence of hygiene management on farm results (Schippers)

All of these sub-topics are thoroughly explained by the cluster partners Nooyen, Hotraco, Schippers and Agrovision.

Thank you joining!

Are you curious about the outcome?

Take a look at the video below.


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